I did not seek out this work. It is a form of service that came to me and naturally comes through me. I have learned to surrender to it in order to serve others. I feel honored to be able to have this as my life path.

I feel that I am fulfilling my purpose in life when I am of service. People greatly appreciate getting intuitive information from my readings. It has become apparent to me that this is how I am serving now in my golden years. It is something I do easily and naturally. I have gotten my clients by word of mouth.

Years ago as a Bible study leader I received words of wisdom, or words of knowledge that the Bible talks about. I was sought after as a helpful prayer warrior. This evolved into me seeing people’s angels. I performed angel readings, describing the heavenly beings I would see in one’s aural field.


Later I became trained as a Theta Healer. Much of that work for people involved healing past life traumas. I worked via phone with people from all around the United States. It was rewarding work for both myself and my clients.

My work is still evolving.

Spirit Speaks through me according to the needs of my client, and I am fascinated with the variety of information that comes to me. Each session is personal and unique to the particular client and gives clarity and assurance to the client.

Information comes to me in many ways. I may get pictures, metaphors or symbols as answers to your questions. Or I may receive information as a flood of feelings. I may get a whole download of information as a story or to explain and give understanding for my client for a life’s situation. I have no expectations regarding the nature of a particular reading. It is almost always a surprise to me.

Here are a just few examples from past readings. I have received information from an unhappy pet. I have been given words from a deceased loved one. I have facilitated an initiation into a higher vibration. I have recounted a client’s life through the eyes of Creator. My sessions have given clients clarity about someone in their life, or a difficult situation in their life. They receive assurance that they were not alone and that God has always been with them even in their darkest hour. Deep healing have taken place. As a result they gain confidence and hope.

I am honored to serve and happy to help you gain clarity and to provide a broader viewpoint. I do not wish to become an outside authority in your life. I strongly encourage you to use the information given as a piece added to your decision making. Listen to yourself and feel what is right for you. Allow these sessions to enhance and empower your own insights and wisdom. Personal homework may be suggested for you to make this possible.