Dee has a very unique way of channeling through extremely vivid moving visions. She conveys beautiful messages from source. The client literally does not need to give any background information or even talk during the session, as the entire session is filled with personal messages just for her client. I was left with the feeling of being on the right track and a sense that my guides were cheering me on and supporting me. I felt connected with my higher self that I currently have not attained without the help of a guide. I was greatly reminded of the powerful being that I am as she explained how much my actions affect those around me as well as how bright my light shines. I have now had three appointments with Dee. Each one was unique and different and exactly what I needed at the time, I have even made life choices based on the information she has given me. ~ Robyn
Dee gave me the gift of seeing myself and my life, both past and present, in a whole new way. It was enlightening and so very helpful. I heard my soul speak through Dee in a way I could truly hear. Since the reading I feel confident and comfortable continuing with my work knowing this is my right path. Dee is a true gift, personally and professionally. ~ P.K.
I highly recommend Dee Thorsen’s SPIRIT SPEAKS energy session. She is a clear pure channel – highly intuitive and taps into reading ones energy field with extreme accuracy. The incredible healing that takes place —I am sure various for each person depending on what it is that they need. In these times of quantum evolution and letting go, it is of so much value to have a Sprit session with someone you can trust. Schedule a session with Dee as she assist you in unveiling what you may have not been able to see so you can feel confident and move on with your life. ~ Kornelia Stephanie
Through Dee, Spirit Speaks with great love and truth. It is a blessing and a miracle to get that kind of higher information on teaching about the Self. Knowing that it is the most important feedback you can receive about that moment in your life. ~ CC
What a great name for Dee’s healing services, Spirit Speaks. That is exactly what I felt that came through her to me. She connects with the spirits that want to talk to us and help us heal. Dee is a very loving, safe and genuine person to be with. I trust her completely. ~ Pirjo Pasanen
I had a wondrous and amazing experience through Spirit Speaks. I came to Dee after having a vivid gut-wrenching nightmare that shook me to my core, so much so that I was knew I could not handle processing this on my own for even one day. I did not tell Dee what the nightmare was about. I closed my eyes. We sat a few feet from each other and immediately connected – I would see perfectly clearly a scene and at the same instant Dee would describe it and explain its significance. She noted a darkness draining from my abdomen just as I felt something was dripping off me onto the floor. We both connected to other levels of consciousness simultaneously, one in a misty forest and meadow, and later one in the clouds where beautiful other worldly beings spoke through Dee exactly the words I needed to hear. We both stopped seeing these visions at the same moment and I was free of the terror, which has never recurred. I have never before experienced anything so magical and will be forever grateful for this blessing 🙂 Anonymous
I feel so blessed that Dee came into my life. I love her warm giving spirit and friendship! While I’m praying with her I am always amazed at what I think is a conventional prayer turns out to be Spirit Speaks! All of a sudden in the midst of the prayer a very strong powerful voice, not of Dee’s, starts speaking. I am happy with my very straight forward answers and I am in awe! Dee is truly a remarkable person and I look forward to listening to her on the radio. ~ Jennifer Meadows
Dee’s readings have been consistently accurate and gentle. At times it is difficult to see through the thick and convoluted stories that I create to explain unhealthy beliefs and behaviors. Dee’s readings have helped me to find “the voice of Wisdom” which allows for clear thinking and knowing. This has led to a space of powerful personal choice, an understanding of healthy relationships, and a new curiosity about life and how to live it. Love you Dee! Congrats on your new endeavor! ~ Anonymous
I consider myself a skeptic when it comes to things like “intuitive readings.” But Dee has made me a believer. On several occasions I have been impressed with the accuracy of readings I asked Dee to do for friends or family that she had never met. I admit that part of me wanted to test her out, so to speak. But the readings were so accurate that I found no other explanation other than there must be something to it. After several such readings I was left with no doubt. Dee has a genuine gift and ability that she has worked to enhance and develop. Her readings have not only been accurate about people and their specific life situations but have given me helpful guidance about what actions to take. I am deeply grateful for the help and inspiration I have received from Dee. ~ Micah